Generators and collectors responsible for generating electricity and store the electricity produced in itself In the first example, it was built during 2015 to obtain samples of subsequent developments, including materials. More efficient crafting ores

Notification of rights to the Department of Intellectual Property

Initiative and research work on the use of Potas Halein as an energy system started in 2015. It has been licensed. and copyright research results to the Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand including the further development from the prototype Up for commercial use, it has been patented as well.

Mineral materials and product development

We have explored the minerals found mostly in the country with suitable chemical properties.

portable generator

A small product to test the built-in power generation and storage efficiency.

electrode test

The longest serviceable electrode is the goal of product development. for the value of users

raw material ore

It is a mineral that can be found in some areas with few people who know its in-depth value. and also cheap causing the cost of generating electricity to be lower

The ability of minerals used to develop technology

which can be divided into 5 categories to use the mineral efficiency to the fullest

What Our Guests Say

We take pride in serving our guests with the best experience. Read what they say.

It is a good technology that can be used in many fields. I feel I have to give time. Developed to see the true performance of the material..”

– Emily Hunt

Hydrogen is an ancient element. born before other elements Finding real efficiency would be beneficial to the development of other materials as well.

– Julie Robinson

I like energy. Because it is clean energy and also delivers pure oxygen back to the atmosphere.

– Morgan Jonathan

An electric car that can go to Charge should be here. and can also connect to various satellite systems to increase the efficiency and safety of driving

– James Brook

Technology is research by independent researchers with private collaboration Sukothaifx to make commercial activities come true.

By คลิ้ก


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