waves and condensation core technology

Did you know that the weight of an object or the mass of an object is waved when the wave undergoes a chemical reaction or is converted by an antropy process? can become a **quantum charge in existing space resources and be used to advance the technology of this world starting from electromagnetic field which the first patent says only a small circuit Only 1 circuit and developed into satellites and many other communication technologies, while the second thing is weak nuclear.

Making weapons, starting with the idea of ​​placing an alarm clock in every galaxy, allowing Einstein’s 4th dimension to emerge. But what we do and research is to separate electricity from force, also known as separating gravity from radiation, Earth gravity or solar system, in wave form. This wave originates from white dwarfs, neutron stars, and the outer ring of black hole stars. By comparing or studying the masses of neutron stars using seawater components that make 1 cubic seawater.

centimeters can weigh up to 3 tons into a very useful magnetic flux and there are still times when the circuit is disconnected and found. Hydrogen is the first and elemental element. Prehistory of the birth of other elements According to the periodic table that follows, the cell displacement produces energy. The pressure of movement creates new business. Thermonuclear, or nuclear, like light, but is the energy that occurs millions of light years. But when separating gravity from radiation And with dark matter concentrations, it can reverse material and atmosphere.

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